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Heyday WT-1SC 2021


Price: POA

Type: Recreational Boat
Fuel Capacity: 132 lts
Beam: 243 cms
Draft: 78.7 cms
Length: 609 cms
Horsepower: 350 hp
Fuel type: Petrol
Stock Number: LMHWT1SC



The WT-1 started it all, and now the WT-1 SC delivers some exciting new updates.

This new take on the original features a side console helm for a more social, roomy layout, and new ‘hot tub’ seats for equal comfort whether rider viewing or forward cruising. At just under 6m (20 ft), the WT-1 SC offers maximum affordability, and fits easily in most garages.

Its hull is designed specifically to throw a wake that’s optimal for both wakesurfing and wakeboarding.

It all combines to give you a serious wake boat without the serious price tag.

In the past decade, inboard boats have grown larger and more sluggish, losing their reputable sportster-style turning and acceleration. Not only is the WT-1 SC compact, but its unique hull design renders a sporty performance that’s been all but forgotten in the wake industry. At 6m in length – docking, trailering, and storing the WT-1 SC is ultra simple.

Hull design is everything. The WT-1Sc hull works perfectly for both wakesurfing and wakeboarding, without the need for expensive, wake-shaping tabs.

Heyday’s 117-degree angled transom creates a natural curl as water is pulled off each of its soft-radius corners at separate times, creating an impressive surf wake that can be generated on either side of the boat.
At speed, the hull also throws a perfect wake for wakeboarding thanks to the added width and depth of the transom, and built-in ballast tanks.

With any tow boat, power is essential to maximizing ride time. The Crusader Challenger 5.7L harnesses 350HP to reliably get the boat on plane.

At the dash, billet toggle switches allow you to simply set up the wake for your preference of surfing, riding, or cruising.
Choose an interior vinyl/swim platform colour and exterior colour.

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