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Due to our unbelievbly phenomenal sales nationwide this summer we are desperately short of good, fresh water, used boats to sell.


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Mercury have the ideal replacement engines. Completely renewed to original specs.

Ben Franklin once said that the only thing predictable in life is death and taxes. That person was not a boat owner, as they left out the fact that new boats aren’t getting any cheaper, and the value of a new boat predictably goes down as soon as one buys it. So repowering the owner’s favorite vessel is a good hedge against both the sticker shock and depreciation of a new boat. Further, veteran boaters from time-to-time may come across a boat in great shape except for the engine(s). Here, there may be an economic opportunity if the numbers work out.

Mercury Remanufacturing can help owners in this situation, even if their old mill is no longer available. Sure, in some cases one can buy a long block and bolt on their old accessories like an alternator, heat exchanger and risers, but nothing beats a turnkey set-up that comes with the latest in computer technology and corrosion-resistant materials. offers comprehensive explanations on specs, installation and performance in 2 video clips below.

Mercury Remanufacturing Plus-Series Bravo Sterndrives.

One we recently installed into a customers boat is the:-

383 MAG Bravo 4V

350 Crankshaft Horsepower

The MerCruiser 383 MAG Stroker is a remanufactured version of the MerCruiser 377 MAG V8 that has been re-engineered, re-patterned and re-built to produce the horsepower and torque of the discontinued 454.

The 932-lb. MerCruiser 383 MAG Stroker develops 350 horsepower and 390 ft-lb. of raw torque at 3800 rpms to launch even the heaviest boats with authority. It breathes through a long runner intake manifold with multi-port fuel injection, and is driven by the latest 555 ECM (electronic control module) with SmartCraft. Mercury remanufacturing begins with a thoroughly inspected, used MerCruiser iron 377 MAG block core that gets bored, stroked, machined, and rebuilt with many new and better parts.

Same power and more torque than a 454 HO carbureted engine. When equipped with the same marine exhaust headers as found on the 383 Scorpion®, this engine produces 370 HP and 456 ft-lbs of torque—more than a 502 carbureted engine. This is the ideal replacement engine for 454HO and 502 HO carbureted engines that power cruisers, large runabouts, and sport boats. Marine exhaust headers sold separately.

357 MAG Bravo 4V

325 Crankshaft Horsepower

Thanks to its size and power, this is the ideal replacement engine for 5.0L, 350 MAG, 7.4L and 454 engines that power cruisers, small sport boats and large runabouts.

If you would like further information on specs and performance?  Please contact Neil in our workshop.

Ph 07 3787031 produced a video on a Mercury Remanufactured 383 Installation. Click on link below.


BoatTest,com video demonstrating how the Mercury Remanufactured Engine is a cost effective way of getting more life out of a favourite boat.

 Further information and full specifications are included with the link below.


Thank you Tim for selling our boat. I received quality service. It was a pleasure doing business with you.

Nigel Cowan

Lakeland Marine consistently do a first-class job servicing and maintaining our boat. We've dealt with them for many years. The staff know their stuff, and are always friendly, helpful and professional.

Keith Smith

I had my Mercury 90hp serviced after purchasing a new boat and purchased a 5hp 4-stroke aux. I found their mechanics to be most helpful, honest, and reliable. I have no hesitation in recommending them.

Stuart Cradock