Heyday – the Wake Boat Game Changer

The Heyday game changer… the first truly affordable wake sports boat.

Bayliner Enters Wakesurfing Category

Shopping for a serious wake board boat today can be frustrating—especially when you look at the price sticker.

Heyday’s new models are here to bring relief from that.

Bayliner boats section of Brunswick Boat group, has acquired the Heyday Inboard boat models WT-1, WT-1Sc, WT- 2 and WT-Surf

This action affords Bayliner speed-to-market with wake/surf models that were specifically designed to meet performance expectations of wake surf enthusiasts, but will retail at a more affordable price point.

Value oriented, technically-advanced wake sports boats designed by father-son team, John and Ben Dorton at Bryant Boats.

Bayliner eliminated unnecessary equipment that often becomes expensive and prone to potential failure.

The hull was intelligently crafted to throw a massive wake for both surfing and wakeboarding.

The first models were released at the Surf Expo in Orlando in September last year.

All while delivering a purpose-built, performance-minded boat with everything you need, and nothing you don’t.

Their WT-1, WT-1Sc, WT-2 and WT-Surf Wake Boats are the most value-oriented, technically-advanced wake sports boats you’ll find anywhere.

The Heyday design was created by much of the same team that virtually invented the wake sports category almost two decades ago – including top wake hull engineer “Cotton” Welshan, a 30-year veteran of the watersports industry. Together, they recognized the flaws in what many of today’s wake sports boats have become. Then they started over — using a clean slate — and reimagined what a wake sports boat could, and should, be.

Most wake sports boats rely heavily on expensive wake-shaping tabs to help create a wake.

Heyday’s does it purely with its innovative hull shape and displacement.

Videos here show basic techniques for wakeboarding and wake surfing:

How to Wakeboard


How to Wake surf



Learn more about the Heyday wake & surf in videos here:

Heyday Wakeboard wake


Heyday Wakeboard surf



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