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Mercury Diesel TDI 4.2L V8 2021



Mercury’s new V6 and V8 TDi diesel engines clearly show their Volkswagen heritage.

The TDi 4.2 litre V8 now comes with two new horsepower ratings (ENGINE ONLY)

The TDi 4.2 litre V8 now comes with two new horsepower ratings 335hp and a whopping 370hp, producing 782Nm of torque. The TDi 3.0 litre V6 has 230hp and 260hp versions.

The TDi diesel engines are fully-compatible with Mercury’s SmartCraft and Digital Throttle & Shift (DTS) technologies.

Setting the Standard This Mercury Diesel TDI engine sets a new benchmark for low noise and vibration, with an industry-leading, unmatched power-to-weight ratio that delivers outstanding acceleration. This is made possible through twin variable-geometry turbochargers which provide peak torque at 2750 rpm with virtually no turbo lag. Built on a proven platform and boasting additional power options, the latest Mercury Diesel TDI engines are fully Mercury SmartCraft-compatible, allowing boaters to access dozens of engine, boat and navigation functions with Mercury’s extensive selection of SmartCraft digital gauges and multi-function displays. SmartCraft compatibility also enables boaters to specify optional Digital Throttle & Shift (DTS) control systems and Mercury Axius Joystick docking control.

The SmartCraft suite monitors oil pressure, coolant temperature, voltage, total run time, sea water pressure and fuel burn, and also provides a comprehensive diagnostic display that can identify an issue before it becomes serious.

The optional DTS technology enables new features, such as a cruise control interface when coupled with the new Vessel View 4 or Vessel View 7 screens.

With DTS as a base, the Axius joystick control system is now available for the V6 and V8 models in twin installations.

With this system, you can touch a button and the Skyhook virtual anchor technology will link with your GPS, and independently manoeuvre your engines to keep you in position – wherever you are.

Jigging, livebaiting, bottom fishing and casting to reef edges just became a whole lot easier – as does idling at a dock without tying up.

Engine Features

  • Aluminium cylinder heads
  • CGI-450 cylinder block
  • Lightweight, high strength with max heat transfer for optimal cooling
  • Block, 90-degree V8 Lubrication System
  • Chain-driven oil pump
  • Glycol-cooled oil cooler
  • Self-draining oil filter for clean filter changes Fuel System
  • TDI technology
  • Common rail fuel injection for precise fuel control
  • Piezo injectors Electrical System
  • 12 volt system and 140 A alternator Cooling System
  • Thermostat controlled
  • Closed-coolant engine for corrosion resistance
  • Seawater cooled charge air cooler Exhaust System
  • Closed cooled manifolds
  • Closed cooled turbochargers
  • Seawater cooled risers Turbocharger
  • Twin-turbocharged
  • Variable geometry turbines to eliminate turbo lag
  • Closed cooled Emissions
  • EPA Tier 3 / RCD 2 / IMO 2 / BSO 2 Noise Level
  • 70 dB Intake
  • Cast aluminum single plenum

Dimensions for: 4.2L 335 4.2L 370

Length (mm/in) 1206 / 47.5 1206 / 47.5

Width (mm/in) 835 / 32.8 835 / 32.8

Height (mm/in) 836 / 32.9 836 / 32.9

Weight (kg/lb) 379 / 836 379 / 836

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