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Dont Let Your Boat Suffer This Winter

The bad news about winterizing your boat is that if you forget something critical or you do something incorrectly, you may be faced with expensive repair bills and a long delay to get back on the water next spring. The good news is that storing your boat properly, making sure engines and drives are protected, checking the plumbing and parts and you will............

Avoid problems when you go to use your boat next time.

Avoid delays to your boating pleasure.
Avoid waiting for service when our workshop is busy during the summer.

Book your boat in May and June and go in the draw to
WIN $200 off your next service.

As part of the winter service, we will carry out a 20 point check that includes:

  • Change the oil to eliminate moisture & prevent corrosion. If you don’t, moisture can cause excessive wear, lead to loss of power, poor fuel economy & possible engine failure.
  • Fit Quicksilver Storage Seal to the engine preventing corrosion, deterioration and seizing through the winter months while in storage.
  • Drain the cooling system of water to prevent freezing and damage to the engine.
  • Drain the engine & gear-case lubricant. Check seals. (Inboards & Sterndrives)
  • Check fuel filter and add Quickare Fuel Treatment and Quickstop Fuel Stabilizer.
  • Fuel & oil hoses need checking. Brittle or hard hoses can fail causing major damage.
  • Check parts that need replacing.
  • Check electronics for repairs or upgrades. All bilge pumps operation will need a safety check.
  • Batteries can fail at the most inconvenient time. Consider fitting a CTek Charger to keep the battery in top condition over the winter. Letting batteries sit over the winter months is one of the biggest causes of battery failure.
  • Trailer inspection & bearing re-grease. Brake fluid check.
  • Arrange canopy & upholstery repairs.
  • Update your WOF.
  • Complimentary prop flag with every service.


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